Is this an Emergency Door Repair?

We have 24 Hour Door and Glass Repair Emergency Services.  If you are in need of immediate repair call now!


Storefront Glass Door Repair and Installation

Cypress Door and Glass LLC are experts with ALL aspects of commercial storefront door repair. Our trained service technicians have an unparalleled understanding of the many different door parts that go into your storefront doors proper operation and also stock these parts to get your commercial glass storefront door back in operation as quickly as possible. Many times a storefront glass door closer is the first thing that goes and starts to create other door problems such as broken pivots, broken door glass, worn hinges and broken commercial locks. If you notice your commercial storefront door slamming please contact us today and we will immediately send one of our qualified glass door service technicians to make the repair. The quicker the glass storefront door is repaired, the less expensive it will be in the long run for both you and your customer. Whatever your door repair needs we can deliver fast and professional service.  We also replace and repair storefront window glass.  Call Today!

Steel Door Repair and Installation

Many shop owners have steel doors or metal doors accessing parts of their building that are vulnerable to criminal entrances.  Many of our service calls include store owners who cannot leave their property because an back steel door has been broken into.  We have a great understanding of what it takes to both deter and repair damaged metal doors to keep out the criminal element.  Don’t wait until you become a victim to upgrade your steel door and frame.  We offer many options and can find an affordable solution for your security needs.

We are open 24 hours a day. Trust in Cypress Door and Glass LLC for all of your installation, repair, and service work. A veteran owned and operated business.


Garage Door Repair and Installation

We offer repair and maintenance on commercial garage doors.  We have repair and replacement parts for all types of garage doors.

Commercial Glass Door Repair and Installation

We offer commercial glass door repair and installation to both contractors and building owners in our Malvern and Philadelphia service areas.  We can repair all types of glass doors and stock many parts to make common repairs for commercial glass door service applications.  We offer competitive bidding to new construction projects for all their glass door and glass window needs.  We can offer our clients a wide variety of glass products; adding true custom glass design choices at affordable prices. Our all glass entrance systems are custom fit for your glass installation requirements as well as custom door hardware that can enhance the look of the glass entrance. Most of the glass doors in operation are on larger office buildings, but it is not uncommon to find herculite doors as a main entrance of a small business. These glass doors require regular preventative maintenance to keep them in good operation and to avoid having a broken glass commercial door. Call today for an assessment of the current operation of your commercial glass doors.

Door Repair - Custom Open Air Storefront

Cypress Door and Glass can setup your modern open air cafe style. For us it’s a breeze, for your customers its a value added destination.

Storefront Door Repair Parts

Our door service vehicles stock a wide variety of OEM parts on our trucks to get your commercial storefront door working properly, correctly, and quickly. Cypress Door & Glass LLC has relationships will all the major commercial door stocking distributors to ensure storefront door parts are always on hand and ready to install.

Some of our parts include

  •  Door Pivots.
  •  Door Closers
  • Mortise Locks.
  • Hinges
  • Door Stops
  • Weatherstripping
  • Aluminum Thresholds
  • Panic Bars


Glass installation is an important part of your storefront door and is an important factor when it comes to your door operation. The standard glass choices are 1/4″ laminated or tempered glass and 1″ insulated glass.


The 1″ insulated glass is an energy efficient choice that uses two pieces of 1/4″  tempered glass with a 1/2″ spacer in between to provide an insulating effect.


The single pane options are either 1/4″ laminate glass or 1/4 tempered glass. Both of these options are considered safety glass which is required to be installed in all storefront doors to prevent injury in the event of broken glass. Rather than large dangerous sections of glass breaking and injuring someone this is a safer alternative. Please check out our GLASS PAGE for more detailed information.

  • Laminate glass is the same glass that’s installed in our car windshields and will crack, but still holds together. This is an excellent option for storefront doors due to its high security rating.
  • Tempered glass is a form of safety glass that has been heat treated or “tempered” which allows the glass to break into many little pieces rather than larger sections that can cause personal body of property damage. When this glass breaks our customers typically say “there are a million little pieces of glass all over the floor”.
  • Herculite Door Repairs 

As always, we are here to help you and we would be glad to answer ANY of your questions about your storefront door repair.